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Thomas P. O'Neill "Trump budget shows shocking values" A BUDGET PROPOSAL is a statement of beliefs and priorities, a document that says, “these are the things we value.” President Trump’s proposed budget says we don’t value women, seniors, the sick, or our children. And it shows we don’t value education, the environment, and clearly – America’s cities. Learn More...

O'Neill and Associates Director Anthony DeMaio Weighs in on TSA Lines During Spring Break Travel O'Neill and Associates Directo Anthony DeMaio was featured in the following Washington Post article. Learn More...

Cristo Rey Boston Senior Awarded Regis College Presidential Scholarship Cristo Rey Boston Work-Study Senior and twin receive Regis Presidential Scholarship. Learn More...

2017 Congressional Calendar Check out our 2017 Congressional calendar for a look ahead on when the House, the Senate and both are in session. Learn More...

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Washington Post’s Marty Baron Speaks at Tufts Medical Center Working Wonders Gala

By Vice Chairman Cosmo Macero Jr.  With a Trump Administration that creates its own reality, and a White House communications strategy of undermining public confidence in the Fourth Estate, it’s a sad state of affairs that Americans, perhaps more than ever, need powerful reminders of the importance of a free press. And so Washington Post … Continue reading Washington Post’s Marty Baron Speaks at Tufts Medical Center Working Wonders Gala

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Saw Significant Growth in Research Spending in 2016

Last year, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to funding the most promising research to prevent, slow or reverse Alzheimer’s disease, saw significant growth in the grants it gave out to researchers who study the disease.  It was yet another indication that we are at a promising moment in bettering our understanding of Alzheimer’s, … Continue reading Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Saw Significant Growth in Research Spending in 2016

Healthcare Workers Hail Withdrawal of AHCA

Healthcare workers, providers and advocates hailed a recent move by the House to withdraw the proposed American Health Care Act (AHCA) last week. The bill, promoted by Congressional Republicans, would have negative consequences for Massachusetts – threatening healthcare coverage for up to a half a million residents, costing the state billions of dollars and jeopardizing … Continue reading Healthcare Workers Hail Withdrawal of AHCA

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