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Wheaton College, a small liberal-arts institution located in Norton, Massachusetts, has plans for building a state-of-the-art science center facility on campus.  In order for this goal to come to fruition, Wheaton wanted to secure federal funding to match raised dollars to kick off the effort.


O’Neill and Associates was able launch a successful awareness campaign to highlight the need and benefits of such a facility at Wheaton. Working with the Congressional delegation from Massachusetts – most notably Senator Edward Kennedy – O’Neill and Associates was able to create a successful campaign that included the submittal of Wheaton’s appropriation request, and coordinated a letter-writing campaign of prominent alumni and board members which further emphasized the positives that the new science facility would bring not only to Wheaton but also to the community.


O’Neill and Associates’ development of a letter-writing campaign coupled with prolonged two-way communication with Senator Kennedy’s office yielded federal appropriations in excess of $500,000 over multiple years in order to launch this project.

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