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Based in San Clemente, California, American Corrective Counseling Services (ACCS) is one of the largest private contractors in the United States for prosecuting attorneys conducting bad check diversion programs.  ACCS pioneered programs such as The Bad Check Restitution Program to assist victims of bad check losses, as well as the criminal justice system by decreasing the financial and administrative burden bad check cases present.  Aiming to aid the victims of bad check losses, the communities, and to rehabilitate offenders, the program depends upon cooperation and support from District Attorney’s offices, as well as from public and private sector resources. 

Since ACCS is based on the West Coast, ACCS was largely unfamiliar in the New England area and lacked this needed cooperation with the District Attorney offices throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as well as local merchants.  In order to beat out competitors in this market and to successfully expand to this area, ACCS needed a government relations and marketing strategy. 


In an effort to secure new business for ACCS, O’Neill and Associates embarked on a government relations and marketing campaign to reach out to government officials in many of Massachusetts’ District Attorney’s offices, including Suffolk County, Norfolk County, Essex County, Middlesex County, Plymouth County and Worcester County on behalf of ACCS.  O’Neill and Associates also provided relationship marketing services—targeting major local and national New England based merchants whom O’Neill and Associates identified as having potential interests in ACCS’s programs. 


Through its government relations services, O’Neill and Associates was able to make introductions between ACCS and District Attorney’s offices across Massachusetts and aided ACCS in successfully beating out competitors to implement bad check programs in two of Massachusetts’ largest counties: Middlesex and Suffolk.  As we continue to work together, ACCS and O’Neill and Associates expect other county District Attorney’s offices to follow suit and implement ACCS’ services as well.


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