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O’Neill and Associates provides budget analysis and advocacy services designed to identify, pursue and secure the best sources for government funding based on each client’s specific needs.

Case Studies:

City of Fall River 

The City of Fall River, Massachusetts was facing severe budget constraints that threatened the jobs of half of the city’s fire department. The Mayor's office engaged O'Neill and Associates to help garner Congressional support for a grant application to keep the department fully staffed. The Federal Emergency Management Agency administers a grant program dedicated to hiring and retaining firefighters called SAFER. Fall River had planned to lay off 79 firefighters due to cuts of nearly 44 percent of the fire department's total operating budget over the past three fiscal years. Our team facilitated meetings between the Mayor, City Administrator, and Fire Chief and Senators Kerry and Brown, as well as Congressmen Barney Frank, Jim McGovern, and Bill Keating. The delegation played a critical role in augmenting Fall River Fire Department’s application with direct appeals to the highest levels of FEMA through letters, phone calls, and in-person meetings. O’Neill and Associates also worked with IAFF Local 1314, the union representing Fall River’s fire fighters, to further bolster the grant application. The result was the largest award in the program’s history, nearly $14.5 million, enough to keep the fire department fully staffed for the next two fiscal years.

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The Boston Foundation 

The Boston Foundation engaged O’Neill and Associates to provide integrated public affairs services, including government relations and communications, to support its efforts to advance education reform legislation in Massachusetts and position the Commonwealth for federal education funding through the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s Race to the Top grant competition. The effort culminated with the passage of education reform legislation with all elements envisioned by The Boston Foundation. Signed by Governor Deval Patrick on January 18, 2010, the bill enabled the state to successfully apply for and secure $250 million in stimulus funding to implement landmark reforms in public education. Of the 12 winning states, Massachusetts’ application scored the highest.

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Wheaton College - Federal Relations 

O’Neill and Associates began its relationship with Wheaton College by leading a federal relations campaign on behalf of the school’s proposed science center that ultimately yielded federal appropriations in excess of $500,000 over multiple years. Our work transitioned to public relations when the college sought to strengthen its reputation as a premier coeducational college, following its transitionfrom being an all-female institution to welcoming male students. O’Neill and Associates coordinated a series of events to introduce Wheaton’s president to the Greater Boston business and academic communities, which also provided a forum to promote her thought leadership on equal learning environments and the effects of technology on education. O’Neill and Associates also secured a speaking engagement for Wheaton’s president at the Boston Chamber of Commerce, which helped lead to her receiving the Chamber’s Pinnacle Award for Achievement in the Professions.  When Wheaton transitioned to a subsequent new president, O’Neill and Associates was engaged to plan a diversity symposium for inauguration weekend and to lead a community outreach campaign on behalf of the new president to help him foster important local relationships. 

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O’Neill and Associates provides budget analysis and advocacy services designed to identify, pursue and secure the best sources for government funding based on each client’s specific needs.