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At O’Neill and Associates, we work with our clients to determine the lobbying priorities that will advance their business goals and protect their interests. We create an advocacy strategy based on our subject matter expertise and long-standing relationships throughout legislative bodies and agencies of state government, on both sides of the aisle.  Our state lobbying and regulatory advocacy practice covers Massachusetts government, spanning legislators and leadership, committee chairs and committee staff, executive agency heads and administrators, and independent authorities. Our work extends to municipal officials and agencies including mayors, city councilors, town managers, conservation commission members, environmental authorities, and other officials throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We make sure your message is heard and fight for the appropriate action to be taken.

Case Studies:

Massachusetts Hospital School Foundation 

The Department of Public Health recently sought to shut down the Massachusetts Hospital School (MHS), a unique facility that specializes in providing 24-hour care, schooling and recreational opportunities for children with neuromuscular or other physically debilitating medical conditions, due to the high costs of maintaining the campus. The MHS Foundation sought assistance from O’Neill and Associates to ensure that funding for the organization was extended and that the facility remained open. O’Neill and Associates embarked on a state government relations campaign to inform policymakers of the unique and vital services that the MHS provides by reaching out to various members of the state legislature and their staffs. O’Neill and Associates was able to facilitate the insertion of language into the Massachusetts Legislature’s Fiscal Year 2011 budget that called an increase in the number of beds offered at the MHS. This measure effectively acted to extend state funding for the services offered at the MHS campus and mandated that the facility remain in operation. 

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Massachusetts Organization for Educational Collaboratives 

The Massachusetts Organization of Educational Collaboratives (MOEC) is the professional organization representing the Commonwealth’s educational collaboratives, which provide school districts, often struggling for professional development resources, the support they need.  Recently, a scandal engulfed one of its members. The public outcry over the misappropriation of tax dollars led to widespread news coverage; furthermore, Governor Patrick, Auditor Bump, and House and Senate leadership called for greater oversight of educational collaboratives. MOEC engaged O'Neill and Associates for public relations and government relations services. O’Neill and Associates guided MOEC through numerous oversight hearings, navigated the extensive legislative process and gave them the opportunity to share the important work collaboratives do with the administration and the legislature. Through media outreach and key media placements, MOEC effectively demonstrated their value, leading Governor Patrick to sign legislation that strengthened collaboratives’ ability to serve students, parents and school districts.  Many of the new regulations were based on reforms that MOEC had suggested as part of an education reform commission in 2010.

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