5 Reasons Your Real Estate Business Needs a Podcast

February 28, 2019

It’s safe to say podcasts are on the rise. A recent study found that by 2022, global ad revenue from podcasts will hit more than $1.6B if current growth trends continue. With podcasts, you can get your information while mobile – walking, working out, or running errands.

Because of this, a podcast can be an invaluable marketing tool for a business or organization. Providing weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly content tied to your expertise immediately elevates your profile. In the competitive world of real estate, having standout content is a crucial differentiator when determining success. Don’t think of your podcast as a pathway to stardom, but instead a tool in your marketing toolbelt—a logical next step in the growth of your business.

Here are a few of the reasons it pays to podcast.

1. Podcasts are naturally made for referrals and networking

All podcasts benefit from interviews with people with interesting perspectives. Every guest you have—a local entrepreneur, a former teacher, a fellow realtor, or anyone you want to network with—will become part of your referral network. Guests are also a great advertising source for your business through word of mouth—just have them share the episode they’re featured in on their social media platforms.

2. Podcasts make sure you’re targeting the widest audience possible

Have you ever written an awesome blog post or get featured somewhere and then heard…nothing? It might be because you aren’t finding the right audience for your content. In 2017 25% of Americans—67 million people—tuned into podcasts on a monthly basis, and that number continues to grow. Turn blog posts or expert opinions into a podcast and you may get the feedback you were previously lacking.

3. You’ll become an expert

Starting a regular podcast that gives good advice and answers tough questions will, sooner or later, make you an expert in your field. This increased visibility might lead to media inquiries, more leads, or increased referrals. People place more trust in those they perceive as ‘experts’, and having a professional sounding podcast is great step in that process. Have a client asking an especially difficult question? Just refer them to Episode 14!

4. Podcasts are personal

Real estate is all about interpersonal connections and communication. While blog posts might be great for SEO (podcasts are too), they lack the personality critical to successful real estate transactions. With a podcast you can deliver the same information you could with a blog post, but on a much more personal level. By listening to your podcast, your audience is already engaging with you—they may have never met or seen you before, but they’ve already formed a connection with you. You’ve created a receptive audience without even going outside.

5. It will help your public speaking abilities

Presentation skills are a huge part of the job as a real estate agent, and there’s nothing worse than being tongue-tied when there’s a lot on the line. Recording regular podcasts improves your public speaking voice and cadence, and is great practice for future media or speaking engagements. Practice makes perfect, and with a podcast you can market that practice as well.

We started a podcast last year and have been seeing great results, both internally and externally. In order to completely differentiate yourself you’ll need something people WANT to listen to—that means good content and good production quality, something many podcasts sorely lack. Producing a podcast to sound professional can be tricky and time-consuming, unless you’ve got the technical know-how and proper equipment. Luckily, O’Neill and Associates has both the equipment, and the production knowledge to help you get your podcast off the ground. Reach out to us to set up a free informational session to discuss your goals, and how we may be able to help achieve them.

Oh, and check out our podcast while you’re at it!

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