A Look at Creative Marketing Campaigns in the Legal Industry

September 22, 2016

Creative marketing campaigns are not just for national consumer brands and presidential candidates.  Law firms are also stepping up their game and embracing the digital age with sleek integrated marketing programs that showcase their talent and demonstrate their competitive edge.

While most large law firms have sophisticated websites, social media platforms and videos, very few small- to- medium sized firms are at the same level, except Boston-based Murphy & King, P.C.  The firm is a top tier boutique law firm practicing bankruptcy and financial restructuring, business litigation and corporate and real estate transaction law which just launched a new integrated marketing campaign featuring a professionally produced video series and website (www.murphyking.com).  The firm has also created a new tag line to use on all of their multi-media marketing materials – “unraveling complexity” – that reflects how the Boston-based firm has assisted its clients in seemingly impossible and complicated cases.

The new integrated marketing campaign is the result of more than a year’s investment in time, resources and production of content that was overseen by the firm’s Marketing and Business Development Committee.  It was imperative that the firm improve its web presence and digital accessibility, hence, a new website was designed. The new responsive site uses images of puzzle pieces and graphics to depict the firm’s commitment of “unraveling complexity” for its clients to ensure that their goals are achieved. The website also has an easy-to-navigate design allowing users to explore firm information, practice areas, attorney information, news, and contact information.

The firm also decided that videos are a great way to tell a story about what they do at Murphy & King, as the attorneys are articulate, well-versed in their practice areas and passionate about their work.  The video series and website put Murphy & King at the technological forefront for mid-sized law firms in the Boston area.

We invite you to see the Murphy & King videos that offer a combination of attorney perspectives and case studies highlighting how each attorney has unraveled the complexity of a case for specific clients:

  • Tangled Cases Demand Elegant Solutions” – Attorneys Andy Lizotte and Harry Murphy explain that successful  business reorganization and restructuring requires a collaborative effort among competing constituencies describing how they helped save a biopharmaceutical company with a promising hemophilia drug;
  • Every Piece Counts” – Attorney Dan Dwyer states that in disputes one side is rarely 100% right so the goal is to identify those pieces of the puzzle where his client is right and push that to the center as he did for several wealth management professionals sued by a major investment firm, demonstrating that he takes his clients’ livelihoods seriously;
  • See the Evidence” – Attorney Dan Lyne examines the importance of visuals and storytelling to make complex issues understandable to judge and juries;
  • One Team. One Direction” – Attorney Bob Richards observes that transactions often involve multiple parties, law firms and other professionals and how, as dealmakers, he found solutions to the many complex problems involved in the successful sale of a family-owned brickyard company’s property;
  • One Thing We Do” – Attorneys Harry Murphy and Ethan Jeffery discuss the firm’s use of Chapter 11 as a bridge to a business goal, not a legal one, holding together a multi-use hotel/condominium complex in development during an economic downturn and enabling the project to finish in an improving market.

Harold B. Murphy, co-founder, shareholder and attorney said it best. “We are practical, no nonsense attorneys who get the job done. Our new website and video series allow us to showcase our deep knowledge and expertise we utilize every day for our clients, and demonstrate our ability to unravel the most complex situations in navigating our clients to success.”

Business marketing has truly taken a new turn as we are fully engulfed in the digital age. All businesses, large and small, need to pay attention and spend some time to regroup, reinvest and revamp their marketing materials to continue to have a competitive edge.

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