Brookline Bank: Modern Workforce Event

October 5, 2018

Brookline Bank brought together over Boston area 100 business leaders to hear about strategies to win the battle for top talent in today’s robust economy. Brookline Bank CEO Darryl Fess observed that a day doesn’t go by without a news item about the competitive job market or the expectations of millennials. Of course compensation and flexible schedules rank high, but other considerations include location and physical space amenities. The October 4th event looked at today’s competitive job market and the types of HR benefits and office space amenities that job candidates weigh as they look for new jobs.

Today’s workforce has five generations of employees, although Millennials constitute the largest segment. Flexibility and being able to work from home are now standard benefits expected by even older workers. Better healthcare programs and childcare assistance remain huge factors for employees with families.

Workspace is another variable. Commercial landlords should better know their tenants and their competitive needs when it comes to physical space. There’s more personalization in workspaces today with innovative amenities like collaboration areas and environmental attributes.

For Millennials, the panel noted that it’s important that employers understand issues important to that population such as student debt, housing costs, access to technology, and affordable transportation. Tuition assistance and training programs are also valuable, although today’s financially-strapped workers shy away from tuition reimbursement programs. Millennials also look closely at workplace culture. For them, benefits and perks are one way a company communicates its values to its team.

The event is part of Brookline Bank’s Signature Business Banking Series and featured remarks from: Susan Crandall, PhD, Director of the Center for Social Policy and Clinical Professor of Public Policy at the McCormack Graduate School at UMass Boston, Karyn Rhodes, Director of Complete HR Solutions, Cindy Cunningham, Managing Director of the Boston Common Search Group, and Katie Sullivan, Communications Director at HqO. O’Neill and Associates Vice Chairman Cosmo Macero Jr. moderated the discussion.

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