Global Business Jet Company


A global business jet company needed an aggressive communications plan to employ globally in the event of a crash to coordinate with media, clients, employees and government authorities.


O’Neill and Associates provided an audit of their existing emergency response plan, with an eye to crisis communications. This process included interviews of senior management and review of documentation as well as outreach to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other authorities.

O’Neill and Associates developed an exhaustive crisis communications plan that the company incorporated into its existing emergency response procedures and helped the company implement these changes. Services included one-on-one media training for executives specific to crisis communications, participation in table-top exercises, around-the-clock on-site and on-call support in case of crisis.

Additionally, O’Neill and Associates proactively facilitated relationships on the company’s behalf with key policy-makers at the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) as well as key national and international aviation reporters.

Lastly, O’Neill and Associates handled all media relations related to personnel changes, labor relations, crisis issues, and corporate milestones.


The protocol O’Neill and Associates developed was put to the test when one of the company’s planes suffered a mid-air collision that caused the pilot to have to land without landing gear. The emergency response plan was activated. O’Neill and Associates was involved drafting statements to communicate to clients, media and employees and provided counsel as needed. O’Neill and Associates also served as a liaison with the NTSB and FAA on the company’s behalf and provided the company with strategic counsel regarding interactions with these authorities.

O’Neill and Associates tested and refined the crisis communications plan and partnered with an international communications firm to coordinate it globally, providing spokespeople on hand throughout the world.

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