Cramer Unveils Event Technology Landscape Supergraphic

March 14, 2016


Cramer Unveils Event Technology Landscape Supergraphic

Supergraphic keeps event marketers on top of the latest trends

NORWOOD, MA (March 14, 2016) Experiential marketing firm Cramer has rolled out the second edition of its annual event technology landscape. Inspired by Chiefm ’s popular Marketing  Technology Landscape Supergraphic, Cramer has created a logo landscape specific to hardware and software technologies that any state-of-the-art event should feature.

Cramer Graphic

Cramer’s event technology landscape supergraphic is a resource for event marketers and planners to find vendors, apps, software, and more in areas such as attendee tracking and analysis, virtualization, digital signage solutions, touchscreens, and mixed reality hardware. The list goes on.

“Events are branding opportunities and business drivers for organizations, and their audiences are increasingly expecting experiences that are memorable and leave lasting impressions,” says Brent Turner, Senior Vice President, Solutions at Cramer.“Companies must embrace the growing demand for unique experiences, and that means embracing the numerous evolving technologies that make such experiences possible.”

Cramer has also elaborated on the many changes sweeping the event technology landscape with a  companion piece. One prime example noted is the outdated use of traditional Audience Response Systems (ARS) that limit attendees to multiple-choice responses. Cramer recommends a number of apps that allow for more genuine conversation to take place. The companion piece also recommends the use of 360-degree virtual reality for live streaming, and highlights the importance of event intelligence to tell the whole story of an event, reaching well beyond data such as attendee numbers.

“No organization wants to be behind the digital curve,” says Greg Jones, Senior Associate, Strategy at Cramer. “Cramer stays on top of the rapid changes sweeping the event technology landscape, and this landscape supergraphic brings our expertise to professionals who are busy with the entire scope of event marketing. We’re giving event marketers and planners a launching point to avoid missing a beat when it comes to the latest technological trends. They can hang it on their wall, and use it as a reference point going forward.”

Cramer partners with organizations to deliver the end-to-end strategy, creative, content, and technology aspects of their events, creating memorable experiences for key stakeholders and driving results for global brands.

Cramer’s 2016 Event Technology Landscape Supergraphic can be downloaded here. Learn more at For more information on this story contact Cayenne Isaken and Nicole Giambusso.


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