EarlyBird Power Helps Cape Cod Healthcare Slash Energy Costs

August 17, 2015

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When some of the largest hospital networks in New England including Cape Cod Healthcare, Steward Healthcare, and the Cambridge Health Care Alliance were looking for ways to cut energy costs, they turned to EarlyBird Power.

EarlyBird Power, a client of O’Neill and Associates,  is an energy market expert providing procurement services, energy management, and sustainability solutions for commercial, industrial, and municipal clients.  Using a highly competitive, transparent procurement process, EarlyBird significantly reduces electricity and natural gas supply costs, as well as solar net metering agreements that further reduce energy expenses.

EarlyBird Power has also been a leader in renewable energy. The company structured a solar net metering agreement between Cape Cod Healthcare and Southern Sky Company that resulted in the largest private solar facility being built in the Commonwealth of MA. This agreement has little-to-no risk and will enable Cape Cod Healthcare to avoid over $250,000 annually in energy costs over the next 25 years.

Read more about EarlyBird Power’s work with Cape Cod Healthcare in the Cape Cod Times.

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