Intern Tengi on CEO Tom O’Neill Speaking to Students at Boston University

April 20, 2018

Tom O’Neill spoke at Boston University on Wednesday night to give advice to the next generation of hopeful diplomats and politicians. Mr. O’Neill spent the evening fielding questions from the members of Delta Phi Epsilon, one of the university’s  foreign service organization. He eloquently spoke on a range of topics including future political trends, the value of social media, and told stories of his career, including an anecdote from when he ran political campaigns at the age of 16 for his father, former Speaker of the House Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill, Jr. The students, who vary in major and class year, asked question after question in an attempt to learn as much information as possible about a man who has dedicated his life to politics.

As far as professional speaking events go, this one raised the bar for student expectations. The members sat engaged and excited as Mr. O’Neill spoke about his career and joked about his best angle for photographs. The students were captivated by his stories and insights,  leaving not a single moment to pass without a question or an answer. “Sorry I keep asking questions about social media,” one student said as she raised her hand yet again but Mr. O’Neill happily took her question as he did all the student’s questions.

Delta Phi Epsilon, which exists as a foreign service organization, holds professional lectures every semester, bringing in the best and brightest in a variety of fields. This semester’s speaker, Tom O’Neill is a man who transformed the public affairs industry. Once he began to speak, it became clear why he has managed to make such a tremendous impact on the industry. Mr. O’Neill captures your attention when he speaks. He is a thought-leader and a wealth of knowledge, experience, and guidance to all those he meets. As an intern at O’Neill and Associates, I have learned so much from him and the entire OA team. I look forward to continuing to grow and develop valuable skills working at O’Neill and Associates.

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