Litigation Support

O’Neill and Associates has become a valued partner to large and small law firms across the region by providing integrated communications and government relations services that support legal strategy. Our services have complemented legal efforts on behalf of health care, real estate, transportation, media, food and beverage, education and financial service clients. Our strategies, developed collaboratively with legal counsel, remain sensitive to legal and liability concerns and issues while successfully promoting and defending client interests.

In the extended time it may take to clear a client’s name, the media has the opportunity to cause irreparable harm. O’Neill and Associates’ communications and media relations services protect client reputations in the arena of public opinion while legal teams prepare for their day in court. Furthermore, our stakeholder outreach services ensure that clients preserve valuable goodwill with key internal audiences, such as employees, investors and vendors, as well as with the public at large.

O’Neill and Associates’ government relations and mediation support services provide the extra reach necessary to facilitate settlement and assist in avoiding protracted litigation by opening paths of communication outside the usual channels. O’Neill and Associates’ relationships throughout Boston, New England and Washington, D.C. become valuable resources for our litigation support clients.

Specific Services

  • Internal and external communications
  • Media relations
  • Crisis management
  • Government relations
  • Mediation support

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O’Neill and Associates’ supported a Boston-based international investment firm that came under the scrutiny of the U.S. Department of Justice for possible tax law violations. O’Neill and Associates provided strategic reputation management and litigation support to the investment firm’s principal and outside counsel. To date, because of these efforts, the investment firm’s reputation has not suffered and the company has...

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Massachusetts Preparatory School

O’Neill and Associates provided litigation support and reputation management services to prevent damage to the reputation of a Massachusetts preparatory school as a consequence of a potential lawsuit. As a result of O’Neill and Associates’ efforts, this issue did not surface in the media and no legal action was taken against the school.

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