National Braille Press Produces 35,000 Large Print and Braille Menus For Starbucks Stores

May 19, 2021

Updated large print and braille menus made of a durable material are now available at every Starbucks store location in the U.S. and Canada

(Photo of Starbucks braille and large print menus courtesy of NBP)


National Braille Press (NBP), based in Boston, MA, produced 35,000 braille and large print menus for all Starbucks company-operated and licensed store locations in the U.S. and Canada as part of the company’s efforts to create a more accessible experience for blind and low-vision customers. The U.S. menus are printed in English and the Canadian menus are available in both French and English based on region.

Starbucks first began offering braille and large print menus in 2012. The updated menus were commissioned this year as part of the company’s ongoing work to improve and enhance the accessibility of physical and digital experiences for Starbucks partners (employees) and customers through inclusive design. The new braille and large print menus now feature an expanded assortment of Starbucks core food and beverage items so that low vision and blind customers can have access to a wider variety of Starbucks offerings. As part of Starbucks inclusive design process to co-create solutions with the disability community, the company also integrated feedback and input on the redesigned menus from National Braille Press and Starbucks customers.

Produced on a durable material called PPG TESLIN®, a synthetic stock that is made of plastic but still holds ink like paper means that these menus can be wiped down with sanitizer between customers without the ink running or the quality of the braille being compromised.

“We commend Starbucks for its strong commitment to accessibility. These beautiful braille and large print menus will be in every Starbucks location in the United States and Canada,” said Brian Mac Donald, President of NBP, “And we are excited that millions of blind and low vision people in North America will have independent access to read these menus.”

“We want to provide an accessible and inclusive experience for every Starbucks customer,” said Sevana Massih, Inclusion and Diversity manager of accessibility. “Part of that work is ensuring we are bringing in the disability community to get their feedback on tools and resources like menus and understand what we can improve to enhance their experience. We’re proud of working with National Braille Press and collaborating with our blind and low vision customers to provide access to all of the great offerings we have at Starbucks.”

About National Braille Press

National Braille Press is a non-profit braille publisher and producer of braille products. NBP creates products and programs to support braille literacy in the blind community and to provide access to information that empowers blind people to actively engage in work, family, and community. For more information visit

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