NECANN 2019: New England Cannabis Convention

April 5, 2019

NECANN is New England’s largest cannabis industry convention, and one of the larger ones around the country. This year’s convention, on March 22-24, marked the first since recreational cannabis was formally legalized in the state of Massachusetts last summer, and the event grew significantly over last year. The convention focuses primarily on the business industry associated with recreational and medical cannabis, and less so on the “lifestyle” aspect which tends to dominate press coverage and outsiders expectations.
Indeed, much of the convention focused on products and services that are used in a myriad of industries, but are also critical for the cannabis sector. HVAC systems, lighting rigs, digital marketing, label making, childproof boxing, and insurers all rubbed shoulders with each other and others you’d be more inclined to expect at a cannabis convention: seed purveyors, dispensaries, and medical licensers. The variety of industries highlights the different roles and jobs that makes the cannabis market tick, many of which you would never–and still won’t–associate with the industry. It just proves that every industry needs good marketing and logistics.
We can only expect the annual NECANN convention to grow as the industry finds its feet.

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