New Boston Harbor Organization Names Kathy Abbott as President and Chief Executive Officer

March 31, 2016

BHNA new vision for Boston Harbor is in the works as The Boston Harbor Association and The Boston Harbor Islands Alliance are merging to form the new civic nonprofit organization, Boston Harbor Now: Navigating our Future.  The Boston Harbor Association and the Boston Harbor Islands Alliance, the two organizations that serve to promote Boston Harbor and the Harbor Islands, recognized that after years of advocating to restore and promote this precious asset, the opportunity now exists to shape the future of Boston Harbor for generations to come. Boston Harbor Now will begin operating on April 1st.

The goal of Boston Harbor Now is to develop a bold vision for Boston Harbor that will include an agenda focusing on public green space, water transportation, economic development, climate change resiliency, and other land issues. Boston Harbor Now’s mission as a civic organization will be to work with public and private stakeholders throughout the city and region to help develop that vision. It will maintain the model of public/private partnership – established by the two original organizations – that has successfully helped to restore and promote Boston Harbor and the Harbor Islands.

Last week, it was announced that Katherine F. Abbott was chosen to lead the new organization as its Chief Executive Officer. Abbott’s career has been defined by almost 30 years of experience in environmental leadership and nonprofit management and she brings a wealth of expertise in fundraising, program development branding and advocacy in the public and non-profit sectors.  “After decades of hard work cleaning up the Harbor and bringing the Harbor Islands back to life, I am excited to be a part of an organization that will help plan a new future ensuring that Boston Harbor and its environs benefit all the residents of and visitors to the city and the region,” Abbott said.

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