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O’Neill and Associates’ monthly newsletter examines and analyzes news, politics, industry trends, culture and more. Each newsletter features a thoughtful message from our CEO Tom O’Neill, as well as a variety of content such as client spotlights, expert insights from our public affairs professionals, updates regarding our diverse portfolio of clients and services, and a list of upcoming events.

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2022 Newsletters

September 2022: Infrastructure, New Hires, and Massachusetts Legislature Recap

February 2022: O’Neill and Associates Welcomes Erin S. Riley, Esq. as a Senior Director in the Government Relations Division

2021 Newsletters

January 2021: A Message from Tom O’Neill

February 2021: A Primer on Earmarks, A Case Study on Cannabis Retail Licensing and Women Owned Business Launch

April 2021: An Update from Tom O’Neill about Seven Letter Boston

July 2021: Infrastructure, NAR Bill, Family Pantry, Staff Updates, and more from O’Neill and Associates

November 2021: Infrastructure, Massachusetts Legislature Updates, and Seven Letter and BBJ Poll – Vaccine Mandates & the Workplace

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