OA on Air with Prof. Eugene Volokh On the Rules of Free Speech

December 19, 2019

What can students say in school?

Does the First Amendment protect “hate speech”?

Can the government do anything about “fake news”?

What can college students say in college?

These important First Amendment question are answered at The Free Speech Rules project, a series of short, easy-to-understand, graphical videos for schoolchildren, college students, and adults that explain the legal precedents on free speech and the free press. The project is the brainchild of UCLA School of Law Professor Eugene Volokh (one of the nation’s premier experts on the First Amendment) and funded by the Stanton Foundation (which promotes the legacy of Frank Stanton, the legendary president of CBS).  The videos, which will eventually include 10 in total, are available at the project’s website.

In episode 73 of @OAonAir, we had a chance to speak with Professor Volokh about the First Amendment and the rules that underpin the idea of free speech in the United States. In the interview, he goes in depth regarding the case law around “fake news” and hate speech.  Additionally, in the @OAonAir Extra, Professor Volokh also talks about the First Amendment rights that students have at the K-12 level and on college campuses.  Please take a few minutes to listen to the podcasts and then visit FreeSpeechRules.org to watch the videos.

LINK TO OA ON AIR EPISODE 73 – https://soundcloud.com/user-747597107/episode-73-pete-frates


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