River’s Edge and Tufts University Crew Teams Host the Community for Learn to Row Day

September 24, 2019

River’s Edge and 50 members of the Tufts University Crew Team on Saturday hosted their Fifth Annual Learn to Row Day at the Tufts Boat House at River’s Edge.

Over 60 participants attended the event, ranging in ages from 12 to 60, including River’s Edge residents, tenants, and members of the public.  Three educational sessions were provided for participants to enjoy and learn the fundamentals of rowing.

After their workout, rowers had the chance to try donuts and beverages provided by The Café at Freerange Market, a specialty foods seller and Café located at River’s Edge.  Each participant also received a Tufts Rowing/River’s Edge t-shirt to commemorate the event.

“When we established River’s Edge, we did it with the community in mind,” said John Preotle, Preotle, Lane, and Associates. “Part of what makes it so special is our public park and riverfront space that’s here for everyone to enjoy. We’re excited to partner with the Tufts University Crew team to bring this event to the community and see so many new visitors enjoy the river.”

The Tufts University Boat House is located at the Park at River’s Edge, a landscaped, 10-acre public park with more than one mile of paths on the Malden River.


About River’s Edge

River’s Edge is 30-acre mixed-use project developed by Preotle, Lane & Associates.  The project includes “green” office/lab buildings, luxury housing, retail, the Freerange Market and Café, and The Porch, a southern fare BBQ restaurant/entertainment venue.

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