Statement from the O’Neill Family on the Passing of John Hume

August 4, 2020

“It is with great sadness that we learned of John Hume’s passing on August 3, 2020. To us, John represented the spirit of peace on the Island of Ireland. From the first days of the civil rights movement to the Good Friday Agreement his was the strategy that brought an end to violence in the North. He educated a generation of the most senior American politicians to the need for a peaceful resolution to the “Troubles,” as he worked closely with our father, Tip O’Neill, and many American leaders, to take the gun out of Irish politics.  Tip’s son Tom was honored to attend the ceremony at which John was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and all the family thrilled as he was the recipient of many other deserving awards for his work in achieving peace through non-violent discourse. We send our deepest affection to his life long partner and confidante, the gracious Pat, and to his entire family, and to the people of the Island of Ireland who have lost a hero.”

The O’Neill Family

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