The Future of Drone Safety

June 10, 2019

There is a lot of discussion in government, law enforcement and in aviation about the challenges of drones moving about in the sky, especially in busy or restricted airspace. On Tuesday, June 4, Synegi, Inc. in collaboration with Fortem Technologies held a demonstration of the company’s DroneHunter, an autonomous technology that specializes in the pursuit and capture of nefarious drones. Dozens of high-level security personnel attended the event, including representatives from Massport, the Massachusetts State Police, the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, the United States Air Force, and Lockheed Martin, to name a few.

Senior Director Jenn Krowchun & Account Coordinator Hannah Tyrrell with DroneHunter

DroneHunter autonomously can track, pursue, and capture a targeted drone from a safe distance. It can operate at up to 40 mph and has the capability to work effectively both day and night in all weather conditions. It is a safe and controlled way to remove a threatening drone in areas where it may be otherwise unsafe for human beings to do so. In the demonstration, DroneHunter was able to successfully target, track, and tether the offending drone by using a net, bringing it safely back to the ground. The event also showcased Fortem Technologies’ impressive range of capabilities, which also include their SkyDome airspace awareness platform and their radar technology.

As airspace restrictions are frequently ignored by drone users, the DroneHunter demonstration offered a way to manage those who are unaware or intentionally disobey those restrictions. Companies like Fortem Technologies are working to assist with new safety protocols for the industry as the world adapts to the normative presence of drones.


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