The Privilege to Vote at the Age of 18

November 3, 2016


Since I was a little girl, I’ve watched numerous presidential elections. Before I was 18 my voice could not be heard because I wasn’t old enough to vote yet. I would watch the commercials of the election, and hear the presidential debates go on at my kitchen table, but my opinion did not matter because I was not 18 yet. It was like my voice was trapped in a box, sealed with tape. November 8, 2016 I will be 18 years old, and that box will finally be open, my voice will finally be free. I will be able to vote. Having the privilege to vote makes me feel a part of America even more. With my vote I have the power to create change in the country, and within my community. Many do not have the privilege to vote because they are not citizens, old enough, or other restrictions that causes them to be within the roadblock of not voting. 18 and voting shows a voice of a young citizen. The majority of the people who vote are usually 25 and older, which means that their perspective is different from a teenage perspective. My vote will be used as a teenage perspective, and that means a lot. Many say that teens are the future leaders so by voting it will show a different perspective to help change America in the future.

Evelyn is O’Neill and Associates’ corporate work-study student, she is a Senior at Cristo Rey Boston High School in Dorchester, MA. 

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