Why should companies use digital ads instead of traditional ad campaigns?

June 12, 2019

The ways in which we as a society consume media has rapidly changed within recent years. Attention spans are shorter than ever — the attention span of the average millennial is approximately 8 seconds. Overall, we are consuming less traditional media because open access to computers, tablets, and smartphones has greatly expanded our ability to find and absorb news from a range of outlets and sources. Consumers are now accustomed to fast-paced, easily-digestible content because of how technology has transformed the display of information (think small mobile screens). Digital minds have also evolved from “I can wait” to “I need it now.” To successfully stand out in this climate of information overload, communication campaigns need compelling content creatively presented across multiple platforms.

In our public affairs work, every engagement begins with a strategy. Digital and traditional activities must be smartly aligned to successfully engage target audiences and move them to the intended call to action. Campaigns need to reach people where they are. Many audiences respond to traditional ads (TV, radio and print) while others need a digital touch. Both modes must complement each other.

Our in-house digital and creative team turns key messages, press clips, white papers and ads into an innovative arsenal of social and promotional content. Digital tools allow us to  plan ads quicker, track numbers easily, make alterations in real time, and reach a global audience.

Powerful tools such as Google Analytics provide concrete data sets which allow us to determine the success of each campaign and justify the client’s return on investment. If the analysis reveals problem areas, social media tools allow for simple adjustments so the effort doesn’t lose time or momentum. In addition, the cost of digital advertising can be significantly less and sometimes free.

In our experience, it’s rarely an either-or when it comes to digital and traditional assets and every campaign needs to take a multi-platform approach to effectively engage stakeholders.


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